mistakes, errors, pitfalls & problems in last will writing, writing wills
Mistakes, Errors & Pitfalls in Last Wills and TestamentCommon Mistakes, Errors & Pitfalls AFTER A WILL Has Been Written

mistakes, errors, pitfalls & problems in last will writing. Last Will Testament. Writing wills
13. Didn't Update WILL When Marital Status Change
  • When you get married or re-marry, your existing last WILL and testament will be revoked automatically by the law in most jurisdictions.

  • When you get divorced, your WILL may or may not be revoked, it depends on the jurisdiction of the state and country where you are residing.

14. Didn't Update WILL When Your Assets Change Significantly
  • If there is a significant change in your assets, you may want to update your WILL to reflect those changes.

15. Didn't Update WILL When A Child Is Born Or Adopted
  • If your child is born or you have adopted a child, besides including the child as a beneficiary, you will need to consider appointing an appropriate guardian to look after the welfare of the child until his/her legal age in your last WILL.

16. Didn't Update WILL When State Or Country Of Residence Change
  • If your state or country of residence changes, you may want to update your last WILL according to the laws in that jurisdiction, because not all states or country recognize out-of-state Wills.

17. Didn't Update WILL When Circumstances Of A Person Named In Your WILL Change
  • If the death of the executor, beneficiary or guardian happened before the testator, you will need to update your legal WILL.

  • The change in marital status of the guardian (e.g. get married, divorced or re-married), which may affect his/her ability to be an effective guardian.

  • The change in marital status of the beneficiary (e.g. get married, divorced or remarried) or your children (list as beneficiaries) may have their own child/children; these may affect your asset allocations decision in your last WILL.

18. Didn't Update WILL When You Decide To Change Key Persons In Your WILL
  • There will be some people who wish to change the executor, beneficiaries or guardian as time passes, but did not act on it until it is too late.

19. Didn't Update WILL When The Name Of A Person In Your WILL Change
  • It is common for people to change their names for many reasons such as baptism or marriage.

  • If the person named in your WILL has changed his/her name, then you will need to update your WILL to reflect the change.

20. Didn't Inform Loved Ones About WILL Location
  • Many fail to inform their loved ones of their latest WILL location.

  • This is one of the most common mistakes and is the main reason why a large percentage of WILLs are not executed.

  • Remember if your WILL cannot be found, it is as good as a useless WILL.

  • Even if you have informed your loved ones, it is possible that they may have forgotten your WILL location as time passed.

  • It is a challenge for many to ensure that their loved ones know where their WILLs are located or know where to find their WILLs.

  • It is even more challenging if you or any of your loved ones work or reside abroad.

  • Many solve this problem by registering their WILL locations with a well-known or easy-to-remember WILL registry. Some even get their entire family adult members to register with one WILL registry, that way, if something happen to any one of them, the rest of the family members know where to search for the WILL location easily.

  • It is the peace of mind that many are after.

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mistakes, errors, pitfalls & problems in will writing or writing wills
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mistakes, errors, pitfalls & problems in last will writing, writing wills and testaments